The Soft Opening

July 24 th started our soft opening week at Irie Kitchen here in Kentwood!

We were excited to see so many come in, try our new dishes, and enjoy the relaxing vibe of our new restaurant. From family, to friends, to strangers, Irie was filled with people and we had an amazing first week!

The support we received was so encouraging, as Irie was created with the intention of crafting healthy food for the community. It was great to see the community come out and experience Irie for the first time.

Of course, as with starting any new business, there are kinks we need to work out as we figure out the best way to serve our customers. As we go into our second week, we’re excited to get into the rhythm and smooth out any rough edges.

Irie Soft3 copy.jpg

All of our beverages are also hand made at Irie. So if you haven’t stopped by yet, make sure to drop in August 12 th for our grand opening and try a smoothie, lemonade, ginger beer, or sorrel. We can’t wait to see you experience and taste the riddim!

All week we had the pleasure of serving healthy, authentic food. Our menu consists of many different foods, all with varying tastes unique to Jamaica. Our jerk chicken and pork, and curry chicken or goat are great dishes for dinner. If you’re vegetarian we’ve got you covered! Jerk tofu, curry garbranzo bean, or Irie ‘shrooms will keep you full until next time. If you’re in a rush try our Irie sticks or salad, or grab a side of bread (festival or roti to name just a few!).

Irie Soft221.jpeg